Little Explores Play – Let your Little Explorer Play, Learn, Climb and EXPLORE the colorful world of Soft Play.  If you are looking for engaging children’s entertainment, sensory gym is unmatched for young children, up to 5 years of age.  


Bodies in Motion Dance Class – Our Tiny Dancers Program teaches students the fundamentals of Ballet, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Hip Hop & Acro in a fun and encouraging environment. These classes are specifically designed for children aged 3-9 and focus on developing fine and gross motor skills, body awareness and musicality.  The children learn to socialize with one another and express themselves creatively as they learn through rhythmic and musical games and are introduced to the primary technique of each discipline. This 60-minute class in an energetic and fun introduction to dance, perfect for your Little Movers!


Sensory Art – Our Sensory Art class offers a relaxed environment where children can freely explore various materials while completing different projects at their own pace. The program is designed for children 18 months and older. Parent involvement is encouraged, but not required.


Music – This program uses music and movement to build kids’ basic music competence, including tone and rhythm. The class provides children with opportunities to engage with and learn from each other, explore the use of musical instruments, and dance to a variety of music types. The environment that best fosters young children’s musical growth is playful, musically rich, and developmentally appropriate.


Parent’s Night Out – In need of a night off? Sensory Solutions of Long Island offers Parent’s Night Out, which allows parents the opportunity to drop their kids off at Sensory Solutions for a safe, fun-filled night exploring and socializing with other kids! During Parent’s Night Out, Sensory Solutions will be closed to the public. Our front doors will remain locked while our trained caregivers prepare a night filled with open play in our gym, social games, fine motor play, and a movie!


Social Skills–  Help your child learn social skills in a play-based environment with Sensory Solutions’ social groups! Our curriculum uses play to teach social skill competencies in fun and engaging ways! This class is designed to establish a common social vocabulary for children that is foundational to all social interactions. Our social groups are taught by a speech therapist and focus on developing important social skills, such as:

Recognizing emotions in yourself and others

Conversational turn taking

Maintaining a topic and focus

Regulating emotions

Understanding perspectives.


Food Fun –  Our food fun program is designed to teach children how to accept various food types and textures.  The program is developed so that children will have a positive experience with various foods in a playful and stress-free environment.  Children will gain an increased repertoire of new foods and textures.

Zumba for kids – Kids and adolescents get the chance to be active and jam out to their favorite music, while learning simple routines that are broken down each class. Help your child  develop a healthy lifestyle and incorporate fitness as a natural part of life. Classes incorporate key developmental skills such as leadership, respect, team work, confidence, self-esteem, memory, creativity, coordination, and cultural awareness.

Yoga for KidsOur yoga class is designed for adolescents and children.  It includes poses to increase strength, flexibility, and coordination. Classes are intended to be fun and may include age-appropriate games, animal sounds and creative names for poses.  Come try one of our classes and get your zen on!

Music Therapy Finding ways to motivate children to work on challenging tasks or skills can be difficult. Music tends to be one of the top motivators for children and there are so many ways to make that happen!  Being that music is a multi-sensory approach, your child is using both hemispheres of the brain during music therapy. The use of different instruments will also encourage the development of motor skills.  

Music Makers – Come join us for our music makers class where your child will get to try various musical instruments with other children.  We will explore, play and develop simple songs and patterns.

First Aid/CPR We offer certification for American Heart Association, first aid/infant child and adult CPR.  Please call to schedule.

Cooking to Learn – Cultivate a sense of good nutrition in your kids by signing them up for cooking classes at Sensory Solutions! Our classes are fun, safe, and teach kids how to make healthy food choices.  They encompass math skills through measuring, counting, fractions, and sequencing. Reading skills are sharpened as they read recipes and increase their vocabulary. Science and Chemistry concepts are explored through making predictions, experimenting, observing how food changes, and learning how and where food grows.  We touch on geography and history as we explore International cuisines and generational recipes. There is a focus on art and creativity when young chefs learn that we eat with our eyes and presentation and use of colors can make a dish taste even better.  Chefs will make new friends, improve their social skills through teamwork, sharing, and responsibility.

Ages 2-5

You’re never too young to start cooking! This class empowers your child to become a “Mini-Chef Assistant” in the kitchen, as they begin a lifelong lesson of choosing and exploring healthy and whole foods.


Children in this age group explore with their senses by tasting, touching and smelling. Our classes incorporate lots of sensory play (think bins of cornstarch, flour, cornmeal, or whatever we happen to be working with that day) where we encourage children to touch, feel and squish to their hearts content. These classes are ‘hands-on’ as we work with children on chopping, mixing, combining, and introduce kitchen tools like whisk, spatula, blender, and mixer. 


In this series of classes your child will learn about kitchen safety, peeling, spreading, mixing, measuring and so much more!


Let us know well ahead of your first class if your child has any allergies or food restrictions (vegetarian, religious restrictions, etc). Our recipes are nut/seed free. 


Ages 6-10

This age group will jump right into kitchen basics where Sensory Solutions teaches more advanced tasks through a variety of classes. Chefs in training will learn to recognize and use tools and appliances in the kitchen, read recipes and labels, create shopping lists, and continued kitchen safety. They will have fun making dough, rolling it out, and making simple recipes that include tasting.  Each child will take home the recipes so they can recreate the experience at home.



Let us know well ahead of your first class if your child has any allergies or food restrictions (vegetarian, religious restrictions, etc). Our recipes are nut/seed free. 

Lego City Young children are given basic challenges and are encouraged to build creatively in a hands-on environment. The instructor uses a variety of methods to guide students through the problem-solving process ensuring the students learn and have fun at the same time. Children will learn about basic engineering principles as well as friction, simple levers, motion, and momentum. In some sessions team building will be encouraged to solve problems like planning a city or building simple items for use around the house.  In all cases children are encouraged to think “outside the box”, experiment, test, and improve on their solutions.

Sensory Phonics – Phonics taught with a multisensory approach has become well renowned and widely used because of its proven effectiveness and lasting results. A multisensory teaching style incorporates an appeal to the visual, auditory, and tactile senses.  For example, a phonics lesson that utilizes a multi sensory approach may have the children writing their letters in sand or whipped cream so that they can ‘feel’ the letters. It may use whole body movements or tapping to create a physical memory to what the students are saying and hearing.  

If a teacher can make connections between what the student is seeing (visual), hearing (auditory) and feeling/doing (kinesthetic-tactile), pathways are created that allow for quick and easy retrieval of information for future use.

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